Majestic Tan Testimonial
I like Majestic Tan a lot, very clean! No pressure selling here, unlike many other Salons. I love the Mystic Tan.
I have really enjoyed coming here Ė the staff is great & pleasant, and I feel so much better about my body after I have gotten a little color. Also, Mystic Tan is a ďguiltlessĒ way to get tanned. I love it!

Formostar Body Wrap Testimonial
I started doing the Formostar Body Wrap treatment at Majestic Tan right before I started dating my boyfriend and my results are so good that he thinks I am working out. I had never been to Majestic Tan before, and I just want to sayÖthe customer service is awesome!! I encountered Peggy the first time (not sure of last name) who was the BEST. She was informative, helpful and delightful! She made me feel like I was the only customer in the place. She was there alone and customers we rolling in and out. Oh yeah and the treatments are fantastic! Canít wait to go back for my other sessions!

Red Light Therapy Testimonial
I was a bit skeptical about the Red Light Therapy at first but after I got out of the shower at home that night, I definitely could tell a difference in the texture and tone of my skin, especially my legs. The products were definitely a necessary step to the process. In a word, awesome! Another customer who works at a Dermatologistís office told me that her Dermatologist recommends it. She said that they had a little red light therapy spot light in their office that they use on their patients after a surgery to help the healing & reduce scarring

Iím totally obsessed with Red Light Therapy treatment!!!! Iíve done it about 12 times now and, seriously, chicken-pox scars that Iíve had for 18 years are gone! It really does repair your skin! Not to mention, my face is softer than itís ever been! My skin has definitely gotten more firm and tight and my face has a refreshed look. Iím never getting another type of facial!

Tooth Whitening
I have been nervous to try any type of bleaching on my teeth, but after an excellent staff discussion, I decided to use the tooth whiting product offered at Majestic Tan. I am so happy with my results. I will use this tooth whiting product in the future! I am recommending this to everyone I know. It was fast and simple to use. What I loved was there was absolutely no sensitivity!